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Most business leaders are happy to get

5-10% growth per year in their business


At least you won’t be after you attend

Build a Better Business Model | MasterClass

Learn how to improve your Business Model by

5X or more in 2 days…

While having a great time and learning how top leaders get
25%, 50%, even 500% growth from their businesses
every single year

A few leaders have learned the strategies to multiply their businesses in short order. One key is to describe their business model clearly so their teams can execute more effectively. A clearly-defined business model also enables:

  • Greater clarity about how the business operates
  • People throughout the organization to know how their roles fit in the bigger picture
  • Innovation that enhances the profitability and growth of the business
  • >Much more<

This 2-Day workshop is for business leaders who want to stand out and grow their business, business unit, or team’s performance.

Next MasterClass:

Charlotte area

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Start: Wednesday, February 21, 2018 9:00am
End: Thursday, February 22, 2018 6:00pm

Over five million business people use the Business Model Canvas to reduce risk, develop a competitive advantage, and grow their business. You can learn how they do it in just two days.

But this is not just about
the Business Model Canvas –
it’s about how to grow your business.

What you’ll get:

You’ll get the learning, insights, and tools you need to:

  • Create a visual of your business model that can be used to help others understand what’s in your mind about your business
  • Craft a crystal clear vision for your business (and life!)
  • Assess your business model against what other businesses are doing
  • Dissect and reverse-engineer other business models
  • Significantly improve your business clarity, profitability, and fun
  • Better understand your customers
  • Discover new recurring revenue opportunities so you don’t have to start each month at $0
  • Create, communicate, and deploy innovation in your business
  • Implement in any business environment

By working through case studies, visually engaging examples, dozens of hands-on exercises, and even competitions, you will learn how to create an invincible business model. This hands-on, limited-availability workshop is guaranteed to deliver at least one million-dollar idea that can change your business.


Wednesday, February 21st, 2018, 9am to 9pm (Check-in opens at 8:30 am)
Thursday, February 22nd, 2018, 8am to 6pm

Includes 18 hours of highly interactive, intensive, fun, and challenging work designed to create personal and business transformation.

Who Should Attend:

  • Senior executives
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Strategists
  • Innovation managers
  • Consultants or business coaches
  • Anyone looking for hands-on tools to apply to their business models
  • We welcome participants at any level of experience with our methodology, from beginner to advanced


We guarantee that you will get at least one million-dollar idea that can make your business rock even bigger. If not, we haven’t done our jobs and we’ll gladly refund your full registration fee.


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What Are Business Models, and Why Do I Want to Improve Mine?

  • Learn the value of business modeling
  • Explore the Business Model Canvas as one way of looking at your business model for systematic improvement

Connect Business Models to What Customers Want

  • Learn the Value Proposition Canvas, a valuable tool that helps you get into the minds of your customers and create a more satisfying experience for them – and more profit for your business
  • Learn basic business model testing approaches

Uncover Success Blockers

  • Assess potential blockers to success in your own mindset
  • Recondition your mind to see new opportunities

Clarify Your Ideal Business

  • Create a clear vision for what you want your business to become

Business Model Innovation Stage 1

  • Force change on the model using GameChanger: The Business Innovation Game

Business Model Design Competition

  • Can you win the battle for the best business model?
  • Work with a team to identify goals and build a business model that optimizes for those goals
  • Dominate your market segment and learn from the competition about what makes a great model and a great pitch

Your Business Model, Version 1

  • Determine your goals for the business model
  • Focus on Market and Value Proposition
  • Develop market testing plan
  • Create survey questions

 Your Business Model, Version 2

  • Update your model
  • Develop Channel and Customer Relations
  • Develop Keys
  • Model the costs
  • Model the revenue

Innovating Your Business Model

  • Learn how to apply Recurring Revenue to any business model
  • Learn the importance of and how to get Predictability in your business
  • Learn the secrets to Scalability so you can grow rapidly with less stress
  • Learn how to get Higher Margins from any business
  • Learn how to build in Flexibility to your business model
  • Learn how to gain more Freedom from your business (if you’re a business owner)
  • Learn how Partnering can be one of your fastest ways to grow
  • Challenges to traditional business planning that can 10X your growth rate

Your Business Model, Version 3

  • Update your model
  • Evaluate: Is the profit worth the risk/effort?

Surfacing the Dogmas – Innovation Through a Contrarian Perspective

  • Understand the deeply held beliefs in your industry
  • Break them, shatter them, crush them – and win big
  • Create the no-brainer gotta-have-it offering for your market

Your Business Model, Version 4

  • Use Business Model Optimization and Innovation to increase profit and scale
  • Optimize for your goals

And of course we include plenty of time to connect and network with other participants. You will also find that you have some new smart friends at the end of the course due to the high engagement with others during the event.


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Primary Facilitator:

Craig Mathews, Primary Facilitator

Craig Mathews is an entrepreneur, speaker and business strategist. He created GameChanger: The Business Innovation Game, the only game made for the Business Model Canvas and has taught Entrepreneurship at UNC Business School. Craig has been with companies from startups to $Billion companies, and has held the positions of Chief Technology Officer (for a Fast 50 engineering firm), Chief Marketing Officer (2 companies), and CEO (3 companies). He is a frequent speaker and has held guest lectures in multiple countries. He is passionate about radically improving the success rate of businesses because he believes that when business does well, business leaders make sure that everyone else does well.


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“As a new business owner, I felt like I’d landed in a foreign land. Craig was incredible at cutting to the chase and helping me see where I really needed to focus to bring in additional revenue. He told me where to stop expending energy and where to focus to create a new revenue stream. Within 2 weeks, I had a company requesting me to do exactly what Craig recommend I do to drive revenue.  

I am incredibly grateful–and more prosperous!”

Carol Linden – Effective with People

“Craig’s business innovation game, GameChanger, is one of the key tools I use in my consulting. Craig is always willing to give of his time and energy – and he has an immense capacity for coming up with useful business ideas.”

Janine deNysschen – Business development consultant

“I’ve been to several of his seminars, a life-altering “Business Acceleration Program,” and many personal conversations that all rocked my world. Word of caution though: his ideas are definitely “BIG,” so watch out!

If you’ve got questions about how to start or move your business to the next level, talk to Craig – he’ll get you there!”

Alex Ferguson – Your Local Studio

“Via the Danish Government program – GazelleGrowth – Craig has been invaluable to facilitate and help our research regarding the US market. He has a great technical and business mind and is always able to help solve any query or problem I have.”

Lars Troldahl – GazelleGrowth and Schneider Electric

“I have worked with Craig in several capacities and have always enjoyed his personable, interactive, and down-to-earth approach. He knows how to think big for you and with you.

In addition, he is able to hold that vision for you, while guiding you along the way to step into your business dream. Craig moves forward with your business goals in mind…connecting you to resources that fit your business growth. If you want to learn the underpinnings of developing your business, Big Think Innovation, Inc. is your place to go.”

Paige Armstrong, MSW, LCSW – Life Enrichment Resources

“Craig was invited to speak to a business boot-camp for women business owners and upper levels managers in their organizations and he blew the room away when he walked us through the “customer’s experience.” Something shifts when you work with this Craig! Big things are bound to happen, it’s inevitable! ”

BJ Davis – BJD Leadership Training


>> Or Click Here to Watch the FREE 4 Strategies for 8X Growth Training <<

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